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5 things a buyer should be doing during the home inspection period.

You have ordered your home inspection and other testing.  But before you get too comfortable – the home inspection period is your opportunity to not only have the home professionally inspected, but to also to complete your home inspection period buyer homework or “due diligence” before moving forward to purchase the home.

If you have not done so already, this is the time to check out the neighborhood, history of the home, schools, drive times to work, and any other issues important to you that may impact your future enjoyment of the home. While your agent can assist you with finding resources, it is important that you as the buyer investigate these items, because only you can decide if you are comfortable with the situation.


  1. Drive around the area – Familiarize yourself with the homes surroundings. This is your opportunity to ask questions and gather information. Talk to neighbors.
  2. Call the Schools – If you have children that will be attending the local schools, call the school district and confirm which schools your children will be attending. Make an appointment to visit.
  3. Call the Local Police Department – If you have any concerns about local crime or history of the home, call the local police department or sheriff and ask for a “call report” which will be specific to the home, and ask about neighborhood crime levels.
  4. Call the City – If you are planning to add an accessory building or make other major changes to the home – call the city to make sure understand the regulations and requirements. Ask for a list of recent permits to help verify the age of the roof and mechanicals, and make sure old permits are closed out. Also ask about any future projects in and around the neighborhood.
  5. Call the Association – If the home is in a homeowners association – call the association to get your questions answered about association rules, any planned projects and future assessments.

Helpful Links:

Predatory Offender Search

Death in Home – in Minnesota a seller does not have a duty to disclose if there was a death or suicide in the home.  A murder does need to be disclosed.  If this is something that concerns you, the police “call report” may give you this information, otherwise there is a website called Diedinhouse.com that will give you that information for a small fee.

Crime Report Lookup (also contact the local authorities and ask for a “call report” specific to the home’s address.)

Meth Lab Information

Lead Poisoning Prevention

*Protect your Family from Lead in the Home for all homes built before 1978*

Radon Information

Corona Virus Resources:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website

MN Department of Health

Steps to Protect Yourself – CDC

If you have any specific concerns please contact your agent. 

Myra Jensen

Myra Jensen

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