What Can Home Sellers Take With Them When They Move?

What stays and what goes when moving?

What Can Home Sellers Take With Them When They Move? It’s a familiar story that happens more often than you think. Buyers and sellers don’t always see eye-to-eye about what stays and what goes during move out. Watch to find out what  home sellers can take with them when they go. I had a sale […]

How to buy and sell a home at the same time.

Family surrounded by moving boxes

With historically low interest rates and home equity at a high, you may be starting to think about buying your next house.  But how does it work to buy and sell a house at the same time?  It can be risky – so here are 5 steps to take first. 1. Talk to a Realtor®  Deciding […]

Real Estate Listing Types and Statuses in Minnesota

Man searching for home on ipad

Here is an explanation of some of the different Types of Real Estate Listings and statuses you may see when looking for a home in Minnesota: Minnesota Listing Status Definitions: When we send you listings from the MLS, here are the different statuses you may see on the listings. Active (A) Active means the home is […]

5 things a buyer should be doing during the home inspection period.

You have ordered your home inspection and other testing.  But before you get too comfortable – the home inspection period is your opportunity to not only have the home professionally inspected, but to also to complete your home inspection period buyer homework or “due diligence” before moving forward to purchase the home. If you have […]

Why you need a pre-approval before looking at homes.

Almost every day I will get a phone call from a potential buyer, requesting to see a home that is on the market.  I always ask if they have a mortgage pre approval, and most of the time the answer is “No, that won’t be a problem” or ” No, I don’t want to get […]

5 Reasons you should NOT go to an open house.

People at Open House

For many people, going to an open house is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if they are not looking to buy a house.  But if you are really looking to buy a house, open houses are NOT the best way for you to find the right house.  Here are 5 reasons you should NOT […]